Role In The show Edit

He serves no role in the show (currently) but has planned to make a cameo in the show (this was only a rumour, and is still unknown if this statement is true).

The Man Behind The Character Edit

Afjisfjiofjasfjio is the man behind the show. His age and real name is uknown still because he wishes to remain anomymous but here's what we do know about him. He is the show's writer, director and camera man. He is to Roblox as Michael Bay is to movies. He says he got the inspiration to write this show from his early days of his childhood because his parents acquired a camera for him. Since then he has been filming skits for himself, and only himself, to enjoy. His parents saw these skits and enjoyed them and saw potential in young Afjis. Since then he gratuated at the top of Film school and is well known in the Hollywood business.