Role In The Show Edit

GoogleOfEPIC is the main protagonist of the Roblox Sitcom series. He and his many loveable friends go off on adventures and fight crime and the main antagonist ZAGORNAY. GoogleOfEPIC (or Goo, for short) is known for his good looks and smooth talk with the ladies. He is always seen wearing a rasta beanie and his signature sunglasses.

The Man Behind The Character Edit

Off-camera, GoogleOfEPIC is a stripper in Las Vegas, as his main job, and appears on the Roblox Sitcom as his night job. He struggles to make money but this show has risen him to fame and riches. His state of poverty is no more thanks to Roblox Sitcom.

The actor comes from a family ruined by alcohol and drugs. With an abusive mother and father, GoogleOfEPIC's actor has had a hard time growing up. "I sometimes close my eyes and pretend that that horrendous part of my life never existed", he says.