The Roblox Sitcom Edit

The Roblox sitcom is a YouTube high-budget sitcom series that is based off of the daily life of the main character GoogleOfEPIC as he tries to avoid getting abducted by aliens with the help of his wide array of friends.

The Sitcom Edit

The sitcom started on the 9th of January 2017, published on the YouTube channel oaoh as the pilot episode "roblox sitcom". The pilot episode has gotten a massive viewership of over 20 people that demanded for more. Oaoh answered their requests with a sequel, followed by a Part 3 and Part 4.

"The team isn't going to stop as long as there are people watching and enjoying the show", said the main CEO of Oaoh inc.

The show's team has already planned a two season plot with and the fans are eager to be able to view the show on their TVs.

Trivia Edit

In the episode "roblox sitcom 3" a refrence to the popular videogame "Sanic the hordgeheg"

The episode "roblox sitocm sequl" is a parody of the popular horror movie series "Hilent Sill"