Role In The Show Edit

ZAGORNAY is the main antagonist of The Roblox Sitcom. Along with his right-hand man, mato0731, he causes terror and destruction all across Robloxia. GoogleOfEPIC tries to stop their horrendous acts of terorism against the good and innocent, but almost always ends up failing. The one exception is the Sanick da Hordgeheg crossover episode, where a masked GoogleOfEPIC sexually assaults a masked ZAGORNAY, therefore making him go into hiding.

The Man Behind The Character Edit

ZAGORNAY is a 70-year-old man who lives in Los Angeles, California. He has starred in many movies such as the cult classic "Titenic" and the unforgettable Difney film "Honey, I shrunk The Soulja Boy!".

ZAGORNAY's actor is one of the best actors of the modern era, but he says that the role of ZAGORNAY is the best one he has ever had by far.

Trivia Edit

ZAGORNAY's actor is the owner of a well-known YouTube channel "paul dark" and has created one of the most critically acclaimed videos since The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, "my friend said sumshit XD"